Group PT Courses

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Group Training Courses
Our Group PT courses are a great way to learn new techniques,  achieve your goals and make new friends.
The Total Body Transformation Course is designed for those wanting an all over cardiovascular blast...burning as many calories as you can within the hour!!! 
The Early Bird S&C Course follows a set Resistance Training programme which will rev up your metabolism for the day ahead.  
Double Bubble...For the Ultimate Results sign up for Both courses simultaneous giving you 6 Days a Week Training with a mixture of Cardiovascular and Resistance Training will achieve your ultimate goals!
Weight Loss Personal Trainers Cardiff
Weight Loss Personal Trainers Cardiff
Weight Loss Personal Trainers Cardiff
Group Total Body Transformation Course (TBT) 
 A six week weight loss and toning course that will totally transform your body!  If you are looking to make a big difference to your body in a short space of time, this is the course for you!  What's in the TBT course? You will complete 3 x 60 minute group personal training sessions per week for 6 weeks where you blitz away that unwanted body fat.  The sessions consist of variety of exercises to keep it interesting and your body guessing-no one session will be like the last! It will be hard, but you will get amazing results.  There are 10 spaces available per course, so book up now and don't miss out!  The course is open to members and non-members.
The course includes the following:
6 Week course 3 x 60 minute T.B.T training sessions per week
Small groups
Guaranteed results 
Diet plan, food diary and nutritional support
The sessions will be held at aspire fitness Canton at the following times: 
Saturday 0930 - 1030 
Tuesday 1000-1100 & 1900-2000 Thursday  1000-1100 & 1900-2000 
Non-members £80 per person 
Non-Members with 6 week gym membership included £100
Gym Members £50 per person 
Course Dates: 
Tuesday 2nd January 2018 at 10am or 7pm.
Tuesday 13th February 2018 at 10am or 7pm. 
Tuesday 27th March 2018 at 10am or 7pm. 
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Early Bird S&C Course
A 6 week S&C course consisting of  3 x 60 minute Small Group Training Sessions Per Week. S&C is short for Strength and Conditioning- a type of training athletes have been using for years- it is now taking the fitness world by storm! The proven programme utilises a variety of weight training exercises which will strengthen, tone and sculpt your body, followed by a short High Intesity element which will increase stamina and help burn that stubborn body fat. The course is available at both our gyms and includes a start and finish assessment, and nutritional advice and guidance.  THERE ARE ONLY 8 SPACES PER COURSE!!!
  The course includes the following: 
6 Week course
3 x 60 minute Early Bird training sessions per week
Proven Training Plan
  Small groups
Amazing Results
The sessions will be held at aspire fitness Canton & Nantgarw at the following times:  
Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6.30am - 7.30am. 
Monday, Thursday and Friday at
6.30am - 7.30am
Course Dates
Monday 08/01/18
Monday 19/02/18
Monday 02/04/18
  Gym Members £75 
Non-Members £110
.  (Please note the courses needs a minimum of 4 People to run)
Please feel free to message us for further information. There is limited availability on the Early Bird S&C so book your space asap.
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Double Bubble  
Double Bubble... For the Super Committed... to get the Ultimate Results why not SIGN UP FOR BOTH courses!!!!
6 Days a Week Training with a mixture of Cardiovascular and Resistance Training.
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